My DS106 Summaries

Below you will find links to all of my visual assignments due this week and my assignment summary (06/25/23)

Visual Assignment Text & Video Reflection

Photo Safari Blog Post

Insult or Fact: Visual Assignment 1

Populate the Landscape: Visual Assignment 2

We’ve Found Your Match: Visual Assignment 3

Fantasy TED Talks: Visual Assignment 4

Draw It: A Space Story: Visual Assignment

Summary of My Visual Assignment Experience

 As I was completing each of these assignments, I learned about a variety of tactics that would enhance the quality, interest, and artistic vision behind each of my photos. This knowledge was first presented to me through the blog post for DS106 that detailed techniques that could be utilized to become a better, more intentional photographer. I learned that being picky, or attentive to detail, instead of taking hundreds of shots of one scene would be more beneficial in capturing an amazing moment with precision and tact. Anticipating events that will occur in your surroundings in the foreseeable future is also helpful in foreshadowing how and when to take the best photos possible. As for the video from the Toledo Museum of Art, I learned about the value of seeing small, intricate differences within art and how this skill can greatly expand the viewer’s perspective in terms of appreciating small elements of not only physical works of art, but the world around them as well. I developed this skill throughout not only the duration of the video, but the assignments that I completed following me watching it. I learned about how spacing, color, contrast, patterns, and any small details of a piece of art can impact its overall message and how it is portrayed to others that are outside of the artists’ realm of thinking and perceiving. When reading the article about Dorothea Lange, I learned that her perseverance and ability to see beauty in seemingly distressful or desperate situations helped her create and capture scenarios such as the picture with the Pea Picking family that remain iconic to this day. Her ability to put herself in exhausting and emotion-evoking situations in order to get the best shot she can was inspiring to someone who has always had a passion for photography as a side hobby.

When I was completing the Photo Safari, I learned that viewing inanimate objects around you from different perspectives or with the preconceived notion that they must conform to a specific mold. Conversely, I viewed the images from the viewpoint that they could also be expanded upon by the audience. I was able to find tune and improve the manner and selection process behind taking photographs as well based upon my previous readings for this class that I discuss in my reflection linked above. When completing my visual assignments, I learned that playing with what is plausible in terms of mixing genres, fonts, mediums, and stories can create humorous yet fascinating pieces of digital art that can be the basis for a variety of tales developed by the viewer of the original piece. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed completing each element of this assignment, and I look forward to creating more digital stories and images throughout the rest of this course. 

Something that was harder than I expected was to create a story for the Draw-It Assignment. I used a picture of a dog that I met in a rural Hawaiian neighborhood as my inspiration. I had trouble beginning because I did not know which image to use that would inspire me to create an interesting yet humorous story. I had to brainstorm for a bit before I came up with a concept that I was happy with. I also found it difficult to incorporate a SoundCloud bite into my story; therefore, I believe I find incorporating mixed media in my stories in general to be difficult. However, I was able to overcome this small mental block, my obstacle, and make a story of which I am proud. 

The easiest part of this assignment to me was taking pictures for the Photo Safari. This is because I had such an extensive amount of space, objects, and nature that I could utilize if I was inventive enough to make them fit with the prompts provided on Canvas. I found it easy to find all of my pictures within the 15-minute time-frame as well. I also found adding elements to all of the pictures in this assignment to be easy as well, such as putting people within the Bob Ross paintings or editing the Ted Talk background. This is most likely because I have had experience with this type of visual work during my time at UMW within my education classes; visuals are an important part of teaching younger, elementary school-aged children, which is important in my future line of work.

I cannot think of anything that drove me extremely crazy when completing this assignment beyond the amount of time that it took altogether. I am not incredibly familiar with WordPress, or technology at all for that matter, so learning how to navigate WordPress, SoundCloud, and Flickr especially have driven me a bit mad. However, I believe that I am starting to understand more thoroughly how to utilize these tools to my advantage as we continue throughout this course. Something else that drove me slightly crazy was having to create so many stories. This is not the fault of the assignment, but rather that I needed to activate my skill for creativity that has been shut off for the past two months due to summer break. Again, though, I think that I am starting to come into my own in this regard once again as I have begun creating fun and engaging work for this class.

Something that I really enjoyed when completing this assignment was that I was able to interact with my surroundings to a certain degree rather than being stuck behind a screen for the duration of my assigned work. I genuinely love being outdoors, so being able to take pictures outside for a school-related project was incredibly enjoyable for me. This is also because I have always enjoyed taking pictures in my past, to the point where I used to want to work as a photographer during the summers when I was not teaching. However, life has naturally gotten in the way of this dream. This assignment having certain prompts was so much more exciting than randomly taking photographs with no purpose when I went to tourist hubs such as Hawaii or Florida. The Photo Safari was a fresh innovative way for me to experiment with my camera, photo editing, and caption writing that I honestly loved doing. I hope that we will be able to continue working with visual media during the remainder of this course. 

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